The Wines

The winemakers at Aqueria use their knowledge and intuition to work with nature to enhance the terroirs which produce the Château’s wines. The vineyards, which have come up through the ranks to achieve prestigious renown, are meticulously managed. The exceptional diversity of grape varietals planted at Aqueria produces individual, expressive wines full of character and elegance.

This southern jewel benefits from the dedication and attention of Marcel and Philippe Guigal who passionately accompany the Château’s winemaking processes.

Our Growths

Four Hands On

Born from the collaboration between Ralph Garcin and Brice Vienne, Château d’Aqueria’s great Tavel and Lirac wines are a combined expression of the nuances and complexities of the different terroirs of this centuries’ old property.

The four hands of these two oenologists work together with passion and diligence to combine their knowledge, experience and vision.

Brice, Château d’Aqueria’s cellarmaster, studied microbiology at the Institut Technique de la Vigne et du Vin before completing his studies with a course in oenology. He brings a cross-sectional vision from the vineyard to the vat bringing to the fore all the finesse and elegance of the sandy soils which are so specific to Tavel and Lirac.

Château d’Aqueria’s Director Ralph is an oenologist and agricultural engineer. His professional path has taken him to prestigious domains from the north to the south of the Rhône Valley. A great technician, he has experience and knowledge of top terroirs and the exceptional wines produced by them.

Château d’Aqueria offers the perfect terrain for this partnership and provides the focus for these two passionate people to produce enormously expressive wines with a unique and assertive character.