Château d’Aqueria

This historic one hundred acre property is considered one of the jewels of the southern Rhône Valley. Nestled in the heart of the garrigue with the backdrop of an unmistakeably Mediterranean hillside, the vineyards of Château d’Aqueria extend across the appellations of Tavel and Lirac. In the distance, Mont Ventoux keeps a friendly eye on the property which radiates a gentle calm.

The Land, the Château, the People

Château d’Aqueria’s rich history lays testament to generations of men and women who have dedicated themselves with passion and diligence to bringing out the very best of these excellent terroirs.

In 1595, Louis Joseph d’Aqueria purchased an area in Tavel called ‘Puy Sablonneux’ from the monks of the Abbey of Villeneuve-lès-Avignon which was particularly suited to the cultivation of vines. His son Robert d’Aqueria, a hereditary Count palatine, built a home which, in the 18th century, became the Château as we know it today. After the Count d’Aqueria, numerous families took possession of the Château modifying it and constructing buildings as well as developing its vineyards. Throughout the centuries, the property nurtured its viticultural vocation so intrinsic to this famous terroir.

In 1919, the estate was purchased by a doctor of law, Jean Olivier. He passed it on to his daughters, Mireille de Bez and Nicole Boccon-Gibod. His son in law, Paul de Bez took over management followed by his grandsons Vincent and Bruno. Three generations who put this historically significant place on the map as a stand out property of the Tavel and Lirac appellations.

In May 2022, the Guigal family took over the reins from the de Bez family to become next in line as owners of the Aqueria estate. Together with the team at the Château, their common goal is to preserve the history and the memory of the people of Aqueria who have accompanied these excellent terroirs throughout the years.

In Search of Excellence

The first steps required to bring to light the rich diversity of the estate are to observe and understand the land.

Since 1595, the people of Aqueria have been tending the Chateau’s vineyards with passion and precision. In keeping with this centuries old tradition, conservation and respect for the vineyards lie at the very heart of the team’s ethics as they produce wines with a unique character.

For both Tavel and Lirac the vinification process is managed with exact precision so that each bottle can offer the purest expression of these unique terroirs. This is a daily search for excellence where every detail counts in the making of exceptional wines.

Les jardins du Château d'Aqueria

Château d’Aqueria

Château d’Aqueria was built on land marked by a long history of human occupation.

Bearing witnesses to this history, signs of human endeavour come to the surface; Roman coins, pottery…A trained eye can spot furrows on the limestone rock left by cart wheels from the Middle Ages.

The property which lies at the heart of the property was built in the 18th century by David-Sérène d’Aqueria. Vestiges of a cornucopia on its pediment bear witness to the wealth of its first owner. To the west a majestic staircase leads to the elegant French gardens and vineyards surround this historic house as far as the eye can see.

The Château is flanked by a small pine wood sheltering it from the mistral and extreme summer heat. East west facing, it offers a view over the ancient marshland of Pujaut which monks transformed in the past into arable land. In the distance, the dome of Mont Ventoux presides. Deep calm emanates from this historic building steeped in the memory of those who shared in its history.