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Achieving excellence in Tavel and Lirac since 1595

Nestled in the heart of the garrigue with the backdrop of an unmistakeably Mediterranean hillside, the vineyards of Château d’Aqueria extend across the appellations of Tavel and Lirac. Two growths in three colours produced at the estate with passion and pride.

The Château

The Land,
the Château,
the People

Château d’Aqueria’s rich history pays testament to generations of men and women who have dedicated themselves with passion and diligence to bringing out the very best of these excellent terroirs.

The Vineyards

Between Tavel
and Lirac

From the Château’s terrace nearly 100 hectares stretch as far as the eye can see. Two thirds are vineyards in the Tavel and Lirac appellations and the remainder is woodland and garrique.

The wines