Quintessential Mediterranean climate: low rainfall, strong sunshine, exposure to the Mistral winds. All three terroirs at Aqueria give rise to exceptional wines of rare quality.
The soils are calcareous and light with good filtration properties. It is no coincidence that the earliest traces of viticulture go as far back as Gallo-Roman times. At Château d’Aqueria, the terroir reigns supreme. Study of the soil, respect for all its assets, recognition of the richness of this primary resource underlie the philosophy at Château d’Aqueria.



On the land at Aqueria, the soils have distinct characteristics


Our Strenght

Our strength: we produce two Grand Crus on three different terroirs, all on adjoining land surrounding the Château.

Northeast of the Château

Northeast of the Château, the land is higher, more clayey with many rounded pebbles from the formation of the Rhône, highly conducive to deep reds with great freshness and complexity.

Al’Est du Château

East of the Château

East of the Château, the limestone scree soils give great white wines with outstanding fruit and depth.

Around the Château

Around the Château, Light, sandy-clayey soils, ideal for the production of the estate’s great rosé wines that are both fruity and complex.