Château d’Aqueria vineyards grow on a single stretch of adjoining lands, one-third of which is covered with forest and scrubland. The Château d’Aqueria has long implemented a sustainable development approach to preserve and protect local flora and fauna, and it strictly limits inputs.


Environmentally-friendly wine-growing is nothing new at Château d’Aqueria. It is a state of mind and our identity. For over 20 years, Château d’Aqueria has applied deeply-rooted undertakings:

A weather station located in the heart of the vineyard is used to develop study models which reduce human intervention to the strict minimum.

Organic fertilization uses leaves, vine shoots and other noble organic matter, crushed at the foot of each vine-plant, which provide the soil with natural balance and stability.

Every application in the vineyard takes environmental impact into consideration.


We have sought to go even further in our undertaking, beyond cultivation to complete, global certification in order to develop sustainable production and consumption. In 2014, our efforts were crowned with the awarding of the High Environmental Value certification.

This certification attests to compliance throughout the estate with environmental performance thresholds involving biodiversity, pesticide products, fertilization management and water resources, all of which are measured by indicator totals.

Respect for environment